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much needed update? [06 Aug 2009|11:34am]
Decided to stick with FSU. I'm done with classes in April, then it's off to Atlanta for an Internship with Prick Magazine and then I get my degree/graduate in August. Getting my BS with a Major in Communications and Minors in Business, English and Computer Sciences. As long as I don't completely fuck up the next two semesters I'll be graduating with honors. Stoked on that. Honestly though I can't wait to get out of this state. It's not that it's horrible, I just need a change of pace. Luckily, I have my best friend moving with me so it will make the transition much easier.

Other than that I have been working on my photography, putting together a website and preparing to switch apartments in Tallahassee. I'll be living with three randoms. Kinda excited about that.

Now it's off to take my final and then Daytona Beach for two weeks (one of them spent with my wifey!)


fuck the bullshit my bitch [10 May 2009|12:30pm]
boys will be boys
and insecure whores will be insecure whores

welcome to fucking florida

i cant wait to get out of this state

myrtle beach this weekend to see my wife
can't wait. definitely needed.

[11 Mar 2009|04:37am]
Loving and being loved is the hardest lesson I'll ever have to learn

[06 Mar 2009|03:11pm]
The problem is no one knows what they want anymore. Everyone just thinks they know for a little while. I am no exception to this.

what a joke [28 Jan 2009|09:49pm]
I've got the flu
and what Prescription do they give me?

oh the American Medical System

[12 Nov 2008|10:59pm]

newest tattoo
jason did it last night
not finished yet
we wanted to ponder the rest of the coloring a little more

it's based on this legend of this woman who had the powers ofa unicorn and could make any man fall in love with her and then when she was done with them she'd kill themselves. The tally on it is supposed to mark the number of men that fell for her. For me I decided to make a tally for the number of suckers that got/get my name inked on em. wahahaha

wooooo [05 Nov 2008|01:08pm]

we won we won we won we won

But i can't believe they passed the fucking ban on gay marriage
even california passed a similar ban
wtf man

What is the big deaL?
Straight people don't even have a legit argument as to why two gay people shouldn't get married. Seriously wtf do you care if two people are getting hitched? Does it affect you in any way? No. NO one is asking you to come to the ceremony, buy a gift and watch the butt sex later. God, fuck ignorant people. Grow the fuck up.

[04 Nov 2008|01:54am]
fuck you, guess who i am voting for

honestly, i don't care who you vote for, just fucking vote or i have no respect for you and if you don't vote don't bitch about our country. it sucks because of you

i love holidays [03 Nov 2008|02:56am]

my weekend was fuckin delightful. how bout yours?

yikes [30 Sep 2008|09:15pm]

fuck [29 Sep 2008|02:06pm]
i got arrested last night
flipped the jetta
don't remember much but I'm pretty banged up

loved the jail though
had everyone cracking up because i was still wasted
two thumbs up and a huge grin in the mug shot

someone else appreciate this... [22 Sep 2008|02:04pm]
A chick came into the shop to get tattooed and she was lookin around while eating KFC. After I hook her up with jason to look at a design, I look around and see boneless chicken wings on the counter in a kfc box. really?

who does that?

I think there is mac and cheese too

I'm no good [18 Sep 2008|07:16pm]
hello sexy new man
I cannot wait to see you tonight
I'm gonna wash my laundry on his abs

I wish I had something of substance for you
but honestly,
I'm a 21 year old university student
Booze and men
That is all I got right now

and the occasional witty experience

quick run off...
Watching a movie today and the mom congratulated her daughter on getting her first period. Honestly, who does that? How is puberty an accomplishment? It's more like a swift kick in the ass for the rest of your life. I got mine and my mom treated it like I just fell off my bike or got a shot. I got a slurpee, some pitying and just about anything I wanted. Weird.

life update 101 [17 Sep 2008|06:14pm]
I've got the mentality of a dude
especially when drunk and in a bar

my birthday was awesome
lots of free drinks, free weed and presents
We are going out with a big crew friday to celebrate with everyone up here. even got some friends from down south drivin up to get down as well

My parents are currently not happy with me
they found out how much sophie really cost
I'm avoiding them as much as possible

on the bright side,
It looks like I'm going to start working in a tattoo shop in town called capital city tattoos. I go in friday and find out for sure, but the artist that talked to me was 90% sure I'd be in. whoop whoop

[15 Sep 2008|02:41pm]
being 21 = awesome

jax [14 Sep 2008|06:59pm]
My weekend was amazing
Got a new tattoo
met some awesome people
saw and did some crazy shit

came home to find our house spotless and greg even bought me flowers. I love my roomies

I turn 21 at mignight tonight
im gonna piss my pants im so excited

today was classy [10 Sep 2008|08:12pm]
Last night a few of us partied a little too hard
This morning I had the mother of all hangovers
I puked several times, including in public on a busy street in a parking lot
I went excorcist style I yacked up an entire cup of unsweet tea that I had previously consumed. I had to move around the parking lot to keep from getting my own bile all over me. Matt was laughing his ass off and high fiving me but I wanted to die

The worst part is I can't eat
it hurts too much to eat because my throat is all fucked

386 represent [07 Sep 2008|03:47am]
LOl at seeing Lucy drunk as fuck and in a redneck's car at 7/11 after she got beat down at a bar. evern more LOl worthy that she got arrested.

let's hear it for another one of daytona's finest hoes!!!

[04 Sep 2008|06:56pm]
Time for a new tattoo
yep yep yep

i am not locked down, i can do my than [03 Sep 2008|12:14am]
I feel so liberated.
I've been writing more now than ever.
Oneday I'll share it with you.
I write creative non fiction
I love it

I'm going on a road trip, cross florida and then cross country over the next few months. I have four day weekends and I am using them. My parents are backing me on this so I feel really good. They think it is gfood for my wiritng and so do I. I just wish my aprtner and crime was gonna be there on these trips with me.

I'm feeling really good right now
I am rejuvenating

How is the oncoming fall going for everyone?

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